What is MEG?

MEGIN Presents: What is Magnetoencephalography? (MEG)

The brain is an intricate maze of neurons and connections that holds every thought and feeling you’ve ever had, the way we move, past loves & future dreams – it’s everything, and yet it is generally still a mystery.

Magneto-Encephalo-Graphy, or MEG, supplements techniques such as MRI, CT and PET scans by providing real-time measurements of brain activity – so researchers and doctors can see what’s happening in the brain as it happens. The use of MEG together with other diagnostic imaging modalities provides more time-sensitive information. MEG is an incredibly useful and more direct, yet non-invasive tool for clinicians trying to understand why the brain is not working normally in a patient.

Magneto-Encephalo-Graphy is an exciting technique that is already showing real potential and helps us understand how the brain works in real-time to improve the lives of patients affected by neurological or psychiatric disorders.