We exist to transform the ability to fight brain disease and understand brain health

Who is MEGIN?

Our mission is to satisfy the thirst to understand the human brain. Our technology and its applications transform neuroscience research and clinical decision-making to improve people’s health.

What is MEG?

A non-invasive imaging technique that measures ongoing brain activity on a millisecond-by-millisecond basis, showing where in the brain the activity is produced. MEG is entirely non-invasive, silent, and with no applied magnetic fields, radiation or injections of any kind.

Why use MEG?

Our non-invasive brain scans offer better patient outcomes by localizing brain activity, leading to greater precision during surgery. Investigational research with MEG transforms scientists’ understanding of the brain.

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Latest episode

MEGIN was delighted to have Dr. Satu Palva as our guest. Dr. Palva is a professor in Magnetoencephalography at the CCNi – the Centre For Cognitive Neuroimaging. The CCNi is part of the Institute for Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow.

The CCNi is the only MEG site in Scotland, and we are here today to discuss with Dr. Palva how MEG is being utilized at the Center.

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