The TRIUX™ neo

Providing non-invasive neuroimaging for better patient care.


Upgrading to the most advanced MEG technology

A solution for a cost effective, accurate, and multidisciplinary imaging modality.


ARMOR™ Sensors and Electronics for enhanced signal quality and robustness

The TRIUX™ neo incorporates state-of-the-art, ultra-resilient ARMOR™ sensor technology, rendering the device capable of instantly recovering even from the harshest magnetic fields without fear of flux-trapping that normally renders SQUID sensors inoperable.

Elimination of interference

Uniquely effective interference elimination technologies with unparalleled robustness even in the presence of intense, nearby sources of interference.

Compensation of head movements

Patented signal-level movement compensation technology for elimination of head movement artifacts. Not available in the United States.

Zero helium boil-off recycling

Reduce helium consumption and spare the environment by completely eliminating the weekly refill by circulating helium in a closed cycle.

Patient positioning

Positioning options for most population groups

The system provides versatile options and combinations for optimal measurement position in different patient or research participant populations.


Seated, reclined, or supine patient positioning options

The patient chair and its options allow measurement of children, adolescents, and adults in the seated positions. Its seating height can be adjusted for positioning the patient’s head within the sensor helmet. The patient couch is a preferable solution for infants or sleeping patients, or in extended recordings.

Data analysis with the TRIUX™ neo

TRIUX™ neo customers will be offered access to all of our software applications as they become available in the near future.

New applications

Our mission is to increase the overall industry and business value of MEG technology. As part of this mission we are committed to developing new applications to expand the utility of your TRIUX™ neo.