MEGIN is delighted to announce a partnership with FIND Neuro, a disruptive start-up that reconstructs brain network maps to enable treatment of neurological diseases. 

FIND Neuro originated at Mass General Hospital and was co-founded by Dr. Noam Peled (CEO), Prof Steven Stufflebeam (Head of the Advisory Board), and Avi Yaron (Executive Chairman), developing a pioneering platform aimed at improving neurosurgical outcomes for patients. 

The team has developed a complete, multimodal view of a patient’s brain networks. The platform support clinicians plan surgeries that are more focused and less intrusive. This enables medical teams to opt for surgical or neuromodulation strategies that promise higher success rates.

 It is already being used retrospectively and prospectively at Mass General Hospital, Boston, Mass and other US based University Hospitals.

For MEGIN this partnership presents a firm commitment towards enhancing its planned end-to-end solution which aims to strengthen the best practices in clinical care. The long-term vision to develop a flexible platform for MEG Technology users which eases 3rd-party integration will provide a first path for any clinical institution. Those that utilize MEG Technology will gain access to methods and applications that will enable brain mapping beyond pre-surgical evaluation for epilepsy patients.

MEGIN’s aim is to provide a gateway for clinical institutions to generate brain maps supporting the science and healthcare of patients with cognitive disorders. This will offer the medical profession an integrated, seamless, multimodal view of brain networks.

“MEGIN’s goal is to expand the clinical utility of MEG Technology. The expansion requires a flexible platform that allows for collaboration and the ability to integrate expert developed solutions focused on more neurological disorders. We view this strategic partnership with FIND as an integral part of our solution roadmap.” concludes Craig Shapero, CEO, MEGIN







MEGIN is a neuroscience technology company focused on developing innovative solutions for functional brain mapping for treatment planning. For over 30 years, MEGIN has been the global leader in magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology. The TRIUX™ neo provides a non-invasive, real-time view of patient-specific neural activity with millimeter accuracy and millisecond resolution, providing the most precise information currently available on the market.


Copyright 2023 © MEGIN – TRIUX™ neo is available for sale in the European Union, UK, Japan, Canada, the United States, as well as certain other countries. In other geographical areas, contact your local MEGIN representative. TRIUX™ neo is approved for use to non-invasively localize regions of epileptic activity within the brain and, in conjunction with other diagnostic data, in neurosurgical planning. All other applications are investigational.



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