July 2021


We are excited to launch a brand new webinar initiative, the MEGIN Masterclass, featuring an array of Key Opinion and Thought Leaders in the field. Each webinar will focus on a different topic, offering an opportunity to learn in more detail about the latest research and clinical cases. This will be a great forum to learn from some of the best minds in MEG, with time for questions, to connect with specialists and the wider, global community.

The MEGIN Masterclass program will be launched in September 2021. Planned topics include how MEG is supporting Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia research, MEG software developments, and MEG in epilepsy cases. To register your interest with MEGIN, and stay informed about upcoming masterclass events, please use the link below.


MEGIN presents: What is MEG?

MEGIN has developed an introductory video illustrating MEG, designed for an audience that is new to this technology. Please feel free to share with your colleagues who may be interested in discovering this vital neuroimaging modality.


MEGIN Community


MEGIN Community is a consolidated information platform designed to provide members with easy navigation to product information, self-help articles, and online training courses. All of our customers are highly valued, and we want you to get the most out of your MEG – and we can do so together, as a Community. Watch the video to learn more about the MEGIN Community platform and how to become a valuable member.


MEGIN continues to deliver excellent global customer care

MEGIN’s dedicated Customer Care Team has been extremely busy. We have recently installed a TRIUX™ neo at Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, Netherlands.


Despite travel still restricted, MEGIN continues to globally install new devices, conduct routine service and maintenance, and deliver world-class training to our customers. We are very proud of our team for navigating this “new normal,” and continuing their excellent work.


Images: Installation at Amsterdam UMC, location VUMC, Netherlands

The TRIUX™ neo arrives at the CCNi

The TRIUX™ neo has arrived at the Centre For Cognitive Neuroimaging (CCNi) at the University of Glasgow. Click here to learn more about how this research facility will continue its leading role as the only MEG site in Scotland, continuously supporting neuroimaging related research.

Images: Installation at CCNi at University of Glasgow, Scotland 

MEGIN trains customers around the world

Throughout the pandemic, our Customer Care team has successfully carried out training in person or remotely with our global customers. Click here to learn more about our training offerings. 


Images: MEG Lab, customer site, USA


The Institute for Human Neuroscience at Boys Town National Research Hospital hosts MEG Bootcamp

Great to see the Institute for Human Neuroscience at Boys Town National Research Hospital hosting an internal MEG Boot Camp. The sessions were taught by the Institute’s MEG scientists, this included lectures and hands-on data acquisition and analysis.


Images: Boys Town, National Research Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska, USA


Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital features MEG in 2020 Highlights

Despite the challenges due to the pandemic, the TRIUX™ neo was able to continue serving children and was utilized in 120 scans. Read more in the below feature.


MEGIN Customer Spotlights

Dr. Saleem Malik, Medical Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy program as well as the MEG Lab, Fort Worth, Texas

In the latest Spotlight episode, we ask our guest, Dr. Saleem Malik, how the usage of #MEG has made a difference to this Neuroscience Center and thus became part of the standard care for pre-surgical evaluation in epilepsy patients.

Dr. Angel Hernandez and Dr. Paul Ferrari, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan

In this spotlight episode, we talk to Dr. Angel Hernandez, Division Chief of Neurosciences, and Dr. Paul Ferrari, the Technical Director for MEG at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Watch the episode to learn more about their new MEG center, and how it will prove helpful for neurologists and neuroscientists. Our guests also share two cases where MEG was part of the pre-surgical plan, and how this influenced clinical outcomes.

To watch further episodes of MEGIN Spotlights please click here

MEG Community News

These news items are selected only for information purposes for our customers and MEGIN assumes no responsibility over their content.

Global MEG Research Studies/News

Diagnostic added value of interictal magnetic source imaging in pre-surgical evaluation of persons with epilepsy: A prospective blinded study


“The objective of this study was to assess the diagnostic added value of MEG in decision making before epilepsy surgery.”

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